Cancer is on the rising mode in the country

Cancer is one of the major reasons for death. Lifestyle changes, pollution are primary causes for cancer. There is an opinion that cancer mainly occurs in developed nations. But it is only a myth. Cancer can occur in any country in any person. According to American Cancer Society, in many developing and poor countries cancer rates are increasing. People who are undergoing severe changes in lifestyle have a higher risk of cancer.

Early detection, decreasing the risk factors like smoking can cure cancer. In rich countries, these methods helped cancer patients to conquer the disease to an extent. Poor countries can also adopt these methods to fight cancer.

Nearly 60 percent of the cancer patients succumb to death. In 2012, 1.41 crore cancer cases detected. 82 lakh people died with cancer.

Causes of Cancer

Almost 95 percent of cancer cases are due to environmental factors. Only 5 to 10 percent cases are due to genetic problems. Obesity is the major cause for cancer. 30 to 35 percent of cancer cases are due to overweight.

Tobacco is the second main reason for cancer. 20 to 30 percent of the cancer deaths are due to tobacco consuming. Most of the tobacco users know that it causes serious harm to the body. Still they are unable to stop the intake tobacco.

The third major reason for cancer is the infection. 15 to 20 percent of cancer cases are due to infections. Viruses are spreading the disease. Oncovirus causes cancer. Sometimes bacteria also cause cancer.

10 percent of cancer cases are due to radiation. The other factors which cause cancer are stress, lack of exercise/physical activity.

It is almost impossible to detect the exact reason for cancer. Multiple factors cause cancer.

One can reduce the chances of cancer by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Exposing to the harmful chemicals and pesticides is also a major cause for cancer. In one of the Rajasthan’s village, many of the farmers got the cancer due to pesticides heavy usage. So beacreful

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