Indira Gandhi Preferred Priyanka as political heir

Indira Gandhi, one of the most important Prime Ministers in India, wanted that Priyanka Gandhi as her political heir. This is revealed by Indira’s close aide M L Fotedar. According to him, Indira suspected that her life in danger. Due to this, Indira wanted Priyanka as the political heir.

On October 31, 1984, Indira was assassinated in Delhi by her bodyguards. Before the assassination of Indira Gandhi, she visited Kashmir, where she felt that her life coming to an end, Fotedar said. But history has taken a different route. Rajiv Gandhi became a Prime Minister. He also murdered by LTTE in Tamilnadu. After that Sonia Gandhi Leading the Congress Party. Sonia declares Rahul as a political heir. But Rahul lacks the power to fight. Most of the Congress leaders and volunteers want Priyanka as their leader. But Indian Society is male dominated. That’s why Rahul Gandhi has a priority.

If Rahul Gandhi not able bring the Congress into power in 2019 elections, the demand for Priyanka as a President will rise by manifold. Maybe in 2024 Priyanka will take up the responsibility of the Party.

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