Incredible Story of Memory Champion Sri Vyshnavi

Sri Vyshnavi is the nation’s the only memory athlete to win an Open category Gold medal at the world memory championships. She is representing India since 2010 and has brought many laurels to our country she has three world records on her name and is one of the top ranked athletes in Indian Memory Sports history. She has won a gold medal at her very first world junior championship. She completed a hat-trick in 2012 by winning the gold medal. she has nicknamed of ‘’Queen of names and faces”.

She was an ELO ranked chess player. She learned memory techniques hoping they might help her remember chess openings. Her mom heard about the national memory championship and registered. She stood 6th in the national championship and was selected to represent India at the world championships. ‘’I performed better than I anticipated and bagged a gold medal! I never looked back since then’’


She continued to amaze everybody by winning an open category gold medal in names and faces event for two consecutive years though she was in the juniors category. ‘’Winning India’s first Gold medal is a moment I’ll treasure all my life. It has given me a lot of self-confidence and inspired me to practice even better!’’

While she is busy preparing for her tournaments and traveling, she doesn’t let this sidetrack her from her aspiration to become a neuroscientist. I had never let somebody limit me to something, not even myself. I’m a BA third year student and I have chosen psychology as my major. I try my best to manage all my activities and studies. I prepare from a month or two before my final exams and score decently. I think it is important to be active in sports and other activities, be it physical or mental. It is not unmanageable if planned properly.

Brain-stimulating activities will help prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s. ‘’Can you imagine someone’s brain activity while they are memorizing 500+ digits in just 5 minutes?’’ asks Vyshnavi. Memory is a unique sport. It demands a lot of creativity and visualization. Being focused all through the event is important as every second can make or break the chances of world record. Everybody can do it if they train the brain.

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