Shankar’s Challenge for Rajamouli 

Shankar and SS Rajamouli are two distinguished directors in the south Indian cinema production who gave blockbuster hits. They exhibit equal caliber in directing the films and expose the audience to a different world. The recent film ‘I’, directed by Shankar has left disappointed, but on the other end director Rajamouli gave a blockbuster hit with part­I of‘Baahubali’.

In this context, Shankar aims to grab a gigantic hit in the cinema industry, as a result planning to direct part­-II of ‘Robot’ with an estimated budget of Rs.250 crore. Superstar Rajnikanth is anticipated to play a key role in this film. Part­-II of ‘Baahubali’ is expected to release along with part-­II of ‘Robot’. Expectations of the audience are high and are eager to book tickets in advance as Part-

I of ‘Baahubali’ created a sensation in Telugu film industry. Looking at the current scenario, Shankar has to work hard for success.

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